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Intergenerational Learning for Sustainable Households

By May 23, 2024Erasmus
Intergenerational Learning for Sustainable Households

eBook on intergenerational learning for Sustainability in secondary schools

Virtual Toolkit including a DIY Manual of 4 workshops on Sustainable Intergenerational Teaching 

Training activities, Mobility and Long-term/short-term intervention of Family CS in the Household

  • Promote intergenerational collaboration and Citizen Science activities as a means to enhance the understanding and capacity of secondary school teachers in Environmental Sciences, enabling them to effectively teach topics related to Climate Change, Sustainability, Ecology, and more.
  • Create a collaborative learning environment that brings together students, teachers, and adults from diverse backgrounds, fostering greater engagement and understanding of environmental issues.
  • Provide students with an educational experience that is holistic and reciprocal in nature by including adult family members in this process.

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