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Culture & Art


Music is at the heart of our cultural heritage. The School offers a musical education and broadens our students’ musical horizons, cultivating and developing the personality of each and every student. Our many prestigious musical events include the Cultural Evening and the Talent Show.


The Grammar School Choir is made up of students from Class 1 to Class 7. There are approximately 150 students participating in the choir each year. The choir performs at concerts and events, including intra-school events.  The choir also sings at charity events as well as performing at the annual Cultural Evening.


The Grammar School Orchestra is open to talented students, from beginners to more advanced musicians. The purpose of the orchestra is the participation and the encouragement of students to perform as an ensemble, in front of an audience. The orchestra is accompanied by the choir at various events but also performs purely instrumental pieces at some events.

Cultural Evening

Iro Gregoriou initiated the first Cultural Evening in 1985 and Evridiki Pericleous Papadopoulou continued to organise and direct The Grammar School’s Cultural Evenings until her retirement in 2022. The School’s Cultural Evenings are now directed by Katerina Nestoridou. These events continue to enchance and cultivate the importance and love for culture and music. Students of all classes showcase their talents through music, song, dance and narration. The Cultural Evenings have gone down in history for their exceptional performances. This show, enhanced with visual and lighting effects, usually lasts for an hour and a half. Approximately 250 students, both on stage and behind the scenes, start rehearsing and preparing for the show months in advance. One of the most memorable Cultural Evenings in recent years was ‘A Journey with Dionysis Savvopoulos’ in 2017, which left the most incredible impressions of the school and students.

Music Festival

The Music Festival was organised by The Grammar School for the first time in Cyprus in 2008 and is still organised annually by the School to date. In addition to our Grammar Junior School, several public school choirs also attend this event, in order to promote the bond between schools and school children.
This event takes place at the The Grammar School pool area and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Talent Show

The Grammar School Talent Show is coordinated by our students with the guidance of their teachers. It leaves a great impression, as students showcase their talents in song, dance, satire and other skills.

Theatrical Performances

The theatrical performances of The Grammar School are included every year in the theatrical competitions which are organised by The Cyprus Theatre Organisation (ΘΟΚ) and the Ministry of Education and Culture. Both international and Greek plays are showcased. The Grammar School theatre club is called ‘The Renos Prentzas Theatrical Club’ and has been awarded several times.

The cultural ethos of the School broadens the horizons of students through events and activities such as Literature Competitions, seminars and lectures, as well as Creative Writing Workshops in co-operation with acknowledged Cypriot and Greek authors. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture, organising these events forms a cultural heritage that also influences students on a Pan Cyprian level, since public schools are also included and have the opportunity to participate.