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Following the successful establishment of Cyprus College in 1961, Ioannis and Iro Gregoriou founded the Grammar School in 1963. 


In 1966 both The Grammar School and its boarding school moved to the privately owned premises on a hill near the Nicosia Airport, that later became known as the Gregoriou Hill. 
In 1970 the Grammar Junior School was founded and two years later the Grammar School became a 7-year curriculum school. The total number of students enrolled increased from 95 to 1200 in 9 years. 


During the Turkish invasion in 1974 the school was bombed and consequently occupied by the Turks. For the following eight years the school operated under adverse conditions in rented premises. 
Meanwhile the school continued to progress and expand. A variety of clubs and extracurricular activities were introduced, like our renowned Cultural Evening and the Theatre Performance among a plethora of others. 


Akis Gregoriou having returned from his studies in New York began to expand the School’s buildings and facilities. Some of which were the central office building, new class rooms buildings, football fields, the swimming pools, computers and science laboratories and much more.

At the same time the School’s academic programme was expanded by introducing elective lessons and emphasis was given to technology and computer science. The number of our students increased to pre-1974 numbers of 1,200 students.

Our students are equipped with academic skills which enable them to excel in all aspects of their lives. They are awarded with international prizes in examinations and competitions and are accepted in prestigious universities. All these qualifications enable them to succeed in their chosen careers and it is not surprising that we find a great number of our students in important positions in the government and the business, the academic, as well as, the medical world. 

Our Schools vision is to prepare its students for their future through technology which is why The Grammar School has always worked hard to keep up with the latest technological advancements. With internet access all over the school premises, lessons are carried out as electronic classrooms with the help of projectors, interactive whiteboards and laptops provided by the school to each teacher. The school has a Facebook and LinkedIn page which students, teachers, parents and alumni can follow. The Grammar School has introduced an innovative collaboration with Microsoft and established an IT Academy which made The Grammar School the first school to become a Microsoft Office Specialist Testing Centre in Nicosia. We also implemented Microsoft Office 365, a virtual workplace which allows students, teachers and parents to keep track of their lessons, assignments and school activities. We believe that giving our students cutting-edge technology will make them tomorrows leaders.