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General Information

We are happy to announce that the Grammar Summer Club will be open from Monday, June 17 until July 26 (6 weeks) for children aged 5-13.
The activities will take place from 8:30am to 3:00pm.
The Grammar Summer Club program will be given to you on the first day.


Children may bring a sandwich, juice and fruit with them. The Grammar Summer Club canteen will be open for children who wish  to buy sandwiches, juices etc.
The Grammar Summer Club provides a meal at NO additional charge. The meal is served after the completion of activities at 13:45. Please find enclosed the weekly menu.


There are only a certain number of spots available
Registrations are on a first come first served basis or until all places have been completed.

Registrations will be open from the 8th of April until 24th of May

Tuition costs

Parents may choose any week or weeks they want.
A discount 50 will be given for the second child in the family.

For any duration you choose between first and sixth week (up to a total of 4 weeks), the tuition fees are €160 per week.

Package 1  Any 5 weeks  €650 (Benefit €150)
Package 2  Full 6 weeks  €710 (Benefit €250)

The dates of the six weeks are as follows:

1st week 17/6 21/6
2nd week 25/6 28/6
3rd week 01/7 05/7
4th week 08/7 12/7
5th week 15/7 19/7
6th week 22/7 26/7

Our curriculum consists of a variety of activities that provide kids hours of creative work, lots of playtime, socializing, and enjoyment. The numerous activities may be modified in accordance with the interests and capacities of each age group thanks to the split of children into smaller groups based on their ages.
  1. Swimming: Our daily swimming sessions teach children water safety and swimming techniques, fostering confidence and a lifelong appreciation for aquatic activities.
  2. Sports: The sports program encourages active participation in a variety of team sports, promoting physical health, sportsmanship, and the value of teamwork.
  3. Little Scientist: The Little Scientist program makes science accessible and fun, with experiments and activities that cater to the natural curiosity and investigative spirit of young minds.
  4. Dance: Our dance program covers a variety of genres, offering a creative outlet while also improving physical health, rhythm, and self-expression.
  5. Karate: This course introduces children to the fundamentals of karate, emphasizing discipline, self-control, and physical fitness in a structured and safe environment.
  6. Archery: Tailored for young learners, our archery program focuses on hand-eye coordination, precision, and patience, all within the framework of proper safety guidelines.
  7. Survivor: The survivor skills course teaches practical outdoor skills, environmental stewardship, and teamwork through adventure-based learning.
  8. Computers: In the computer sessions, children will learn essential digital literacy skills, including basic coding and online safety, preparing them for the technological world.
  9. Arts & Crafts: The arts and crafts activities are designed to stimulate creativity and fine motor skills, with projects that children will be proud to bring home.
  10. Cooking: Our cooking classes introduce basic culinary skills and kitchen safety, while teaching children about nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  11. Educational Workshop: Our workshops offer a diverse curriculum that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving, delivered through engaging and age-appropriate activities.
  12. Orienteering: Orienteering combines physical activity with navigation challenges, enhancing problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness in an outdoor setting.
  13. Field Trip: For our field trips, older students will enjoy a supervised excursion to a local waterpark, designed to combine fun with lessons in water safety, while younger students will partake in age-appropriate recreational outings that promote exploration and social skills.
  14. Camping: Our on-site camping experience invites children to a school sleepover, packed with structured outdoor education activities, team-building exercises, and a night under the stars, all within the secure confines of the school premises.

Weeks Region 1 Region 2 Region 3
1 €70.00 €80.00 €90.00
2 €100.00 €110.00 €120.00
3 €130.00 €150.00 €170.00
4 €170.00 €190.00 €210.00
5 €210.00 €230.00 €250.00
6 €240.00 €270.00 €290.00


Region 1 Pano & Kato Lakatamia / Anthoupolis / Tseri / Deftera / Makedonitissa / Parissinos / Archangelos
Region 2 Engomi / Ay. Dhometios / Ay. Pavlos / Ay. Andreas / Nicosia /Ay. Omoloyites / Old Strovolos / Klimataria
Region 3 Acropolis / Dasoupolis / Lycavitos / Ay. Antonios / Ay. Kasianos / Aglandjia / Kaimakli

Things to bring

Children who have registered at the Grammar Summer Club should bring the following items with them every day:



Flip Flops

Swimming Cap





Sun Hat


Summer Club

Application Form


Please kindly fill out the attached form and forward it via email to: