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Each classroom is modern and comfortable with central heating and air-conditioning. Equipped with an interactive whiteboard and internet access, lessons are conducted using teachers’ laptops, which are projected onto the whiteboard, facilitating modern and varied teaching methods.  Notice boards provide display space for class work and projects. Individual desks provide a personal workspace for each student. 


Biology Lab

The recently renovated and upgraded Biology Lab is fully equipped to facilitate the needs of both students and teachers, with much of the teaching being conducted using interactive whiteboards. The lab has all the necessary equipment to cover the requirements of both the IGCSE and GCE Advanced Level syllabi, including biological models, potometers, spirometers, colorimeters, incubators, high quality microscopes and apparatus for microbiology studies.  

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab was first established as a centre for GCE practical examinations in 1996. It has since been renovated several times and has become a distinctive feature of our chemistry education. Fully equipped to meet the standards of the Edexcel specification, it gives our students hands-on experience with modern instrumentation and the opportunities to engage in experiments that develop their logical and analytical skills. This well-designed lab features a safe, productive, and hazard-free environment to empower students’ comprehension of scientific concepts.


Science Lab

The Science Lab is designed to cater for the requirements of the Science syllabus in the Lower School, Classes 1 to 3.  It is fully equipped for conducting the necessary experiments to facilitate learning and knowledge of scientific principles at this level.  

Physics Lab

The Edexcel-approved Physics Lab is fully equipped with laboratory stations designed for groupwork and utilises interactive whiteboards and Apple TV for efficient teaching.

The role of the laboratory is essential in IGCSE and GCE Advanced Level Physics. Experiments are designed to critically engage students’ minds to acquire the manual and mental skills associated with learning Physics. Laboratory activities are an integral part of the learning process to enable students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and principles of Physics.

Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre, which was established in 2015, is equipped with the latest technologies and includes three modern, comfortable areas which are made up of the Study Area, the Innovation Lab and the Robotics Lab. Here, the students can take part in the STEM Programme, where they have hands-on training. It is a flexible environment where various teaching modalities are accommodated focusing especially on a student centric approach. Its up-to-date technology and equipment include robotics, 3D printing facilities, 3D projectors and glasses, 3D printers, laptops and educational robotics and electronic equipment. 


Computer Labs

There are three fully equipped computer labs fitted with interactive whiteboards to incorporate modern teaching methods. All the computers available for the students are multimedia, networked and use LCD monitors.

All computers utilise popular application software to meet a wide range of academic needs. To enable students to carry out research and complete projects, all computers have internet access and printing facilities.


Textbooks and e-books for all classes may be purchased from The Grammar School Bookstore. The bookstore also stocks all the required school uniform and PE kit except for Grammar School skirts and trousers which may be purchased from a specific local retailer. 


Our school library houses a vast collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, on a variety of topics. With the help of the teacher on duty, as well as student members of the English Reading Club, students, of all ages, can find and borrow the book that is right for them. Literacy is promoted and a love of reading is fostered in the quiet and welcoming space we have created.

Conference Hall

The Grammar School has a large Conference Hall which accommodates approximately 200 guests.  The Hall is used as a venue for a variety of activities ranging from educational and career-based seminarslectures and book exhibitions, to creative and fun activities.  

The raised stage area allows guests to offer presentations and speeches and is used for visiting lecturers.  Equipment including a projector, monitor and sound system, support lectures and educational activities. In addition, these facilities are made available to classes during the academic year so that students can develop their presentational and oral skills in professional surroundings.  With specialised lighting, the area also acts as a permanent exhibition area for students’ artwork. 

First-Aid Station

The Grammar School has a First Aid Station located in the main administration building. It is operated by a qualified nurse who deals with any injuries which may occur at school or other basic medical needs or emergencies which may arise. The First Aid Station is fully equippedincluding three defibrillators at various locations around the school which can be used by trained staff in case of emergencies.  There are sub-stations around the School at the PE courts, Futsal court, Swimming Pool area, The Grammar Junior School, labs and canteens.  

For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Nurse.


The Grammar School Fitness Gym is equipped with new weight training and cardio machines. The PE Department follows worldwide trends that include both functional and performance training. The gym can be used by our student-athletes under the guidance of their coach. The students of the Upper School can utilise the gym during their PE sessions under the supervision of their PE teachers. In addition, the gym can be used by Grammar School teachers and staff after school.
Gym Equipment
Rowing Machines
Spinning Bikes
Air Bikes
Leg Press Machine
Lat Pulldown Machine
Leg Extension Machine
Leg Curl Machine
Bench Press
Hack Squat Machine
Cross Over Machine
ABS Machine
Roman Chair
Olympic Weightlifting Bars
TRX Suspension Trainers
Bars & Dumbbells
Exercise Mats

PE Facilities

3 futsal courts which can be opened up to a full-sized football pitch
Track and field with a 6-laned circuit
2 basketball courts
2 volleyball courts
1 handball court
2 tennis courts
1 fully equipped PE classroom
1 fully equipped gym
1 competition-sized pool
6 changing rooms, 4 of which include showers

PE Courts

The Grammar School has three futsal courts, 40m by 20m which can be opened into a larger pitch of 72m by 42m for 9 aside matches. The courts are surfaced with artificial grass for all year round use on a daily basis for PE lessons and after school for clubs. During the year, tournaments are hosted for public and private schools.
There are two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, a handball court and two tennis courts all within an area of 120 metres by 60 metres.  This area is covered with weatherproof EPPM rubber, making a safe and comfortable area for sports activities.
The track and field six-lane circuit has a distance of 300 metres with a surface of weatherproof EPPM rubber which is safe and comfortable for athletes.
Within the outdoor PE area, there is a purpose-built, fully equipped classroom designed specifically for the requirements of the GCSE Physical Education curriculum.

Swimming Pools

The Grammar School has two swimming pools set in a spacious area: the largest is competition size (25m by 13m), and there is also a children’s pool.  The swimming pool area is serviced by a fully-equipped kitchen and separate bar area. Male and female changing areas, complete with showers and toilets, are situated next to the pool.

The Swimming Pool is used for the training of the Swimming Athletic Programme every morning. The PE Department also organises an annual Swimming Gala during which students compete and winners are awarded during a ceremony.  The Grammar School organises an annual Biathlon event in co-operation with the Cyprus Modern Pentathlon Federation with athletes from all over Cyprus taking part.

Students who are members of the Swimming Club can use the pool for practise after school.  The Aquatic Club and the Life Saving Club also use the pool for meetings and training.

A covered seated area is also provided with a fully equipped kitchen for catering purposes such as cocktail parties and social gatherings.

Music Room

The Music Room is a spacious room with customised platforms for orchestra and choir rehearsals. The space is divided into a classroom area and a performance area.  It is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, sound system and wi-fi for direct streaming of music and music video clips.  There is also a computer with internet access and music software for music notation, composition and sequencing. Students have access to a wide variety of musical instruments including guitars, pianos, keyboards, a complete drum set and professional drums, including snare drums and bass drums as well as several professional microphones.

Art Room

There are two Art Rooms which are fully equipped for creative artwork. They have large tables, cupboards for storage, easels for canvas work and a double sink for prep work. The rooms are ideally situated to capture plenty of light and are decorated with displays of students’ work, to create bright, inspirational workspaces.

Canteens, Cafeteria and Vending Machines

The School provides a variety of hot meals, pastries, salads, yoghurts and sandwiches through its canteens and cafeteria.
There are also twelve vending machines situated around the School that offer a variety of snacks, drinks and bottled water.