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University & Careers

High Educational Advisory Team

The Higher Education Advisory Team consists of the Deputy Headmistress, Kam Stylianou, the Educational Counsellor, Maria Photiades and two Higher Education Advisors, Lorraine Lynch and Todd Bowen.

It is an innovative team who have accumulated detailed knowledge and experience of admissions procedures. They prepare students for the requirements of different application processes in order to maximise their success. Regular presentations are given to students and parents, as well as talks by visiting speakers and taster lectures by academics and professionals.

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential for students to improve their transferable skills and the team is dedicated to this purpose. Through regular visits to universities abroad and careers conferences, designed to raise the profile of The Grammar School, the team updates their knowledge of admissions and pinpoints exactly what type of student universities and leading employers are interested in.

Educational Counselling

Ms Maria Photiades is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and joined The Grammar School in 2020. Her studies include a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Prior to joining The Grammar School, she worked at her own practice, mainly focusing on pre-teens and adolescents. Additionally, she worked as a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the Nicosia General Hospital, KESY, and Agia Skepi Therapeutic Community.

As the Grammar School Educational Counsellor, her primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal and social development of all students. Treating adolescents requires a great deal of understanding of human development, as well as a good grasp of social, cultural and biological influences. With such knowledge, she uses a multi-disciplinary approach where she devises strategies for improving the welfare and functioning of pre-teens and adolescents as it pertains in everyday life, education and interactions with peers and family.

Also, as she is in close cooperation with the Higher Education Advisory Team, her role includes advising students and parents on choices of elective subjects and future career choices.

Application Procedure

An Overview

Careers education is an integral part of student self-development. We seek to help students build their self-awareness and decision making skills, allowing them to make informed decisions at key stages in their academic life.

The Grammar School Education and Guidance programme begins when students enter the school through structured activities designed to build interpersonal skills, confidence and motivation.  As students progress through the school, careers guidance becomes increasingly focused, as students are introduced to a variety of career paths, professions and skills enhancement. All students have their own account in Unifrog, a leading careers and university platform, and many of the careers activities utilise this platform to ensure that students receive up-to-date careers information.

In Class 3 students have careers lessons designed to facilitate balanced decision making for their IGCSE courses.  These lessons focus on subject combinations and the career paths they can lead to, university requirements, motivation and self-awareness. They have consultations in small groups with the Higher Education Advisory Team to ensure they receive the necessary guidance to finalize their subject choices.

In the Upper School students continue to use interactive computer-based questionnaires which are linked to courses offered at university, in order to narrow down their choices for higher education.  Students are invited to attend a range of presentations on studying in different countries and a number of universities visit the school to give presentations to students in Classes 5, 6 and 7.  Speakers are also invited to school to talk about a range of professions. The Higher Education Advisory Team fully assists students and graduates throughout the university application process.


Students and graduates completing their military service are guided through the process of applying to university.  They are given detailed advice on researching their courses and career options as well as how to complete the UCAS Form.  Click for a step-by-step guide to apply through UCAS.

In addition to UCAS applications, assistance is offered for applications to many different countries such as the US, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Students applying for courses that require interviews are provided with a series of mock interviews.  These are arranged with appropriate staff members and students are given individual feedback on their performance and on how to improve and prepare further.

Individual booklets have been prepared to guide students in key areas and are available from the school:

    • Writing an effective Personal Statement
    • Applying for Medicine

The Higher Education Advisory Team is available at the School on A Level Results Day in August to guide students through the UCAS Clearing & Adjustment process, should the need arise.

Graduate Destinations

University Placements

Our students enter a wide range of competitive universities in the US, Canada, the UK, including many Russell Group institutions, and in a number of European countries.

Grammar School graduate destinations are listed below:

University Placements

University Placements 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 graduates on their excellent GCE A Level results.
Click here to see the list of university destinations of our graduates who applied through the UCAS 2023 application cycle.

University Placements 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 graduates on their excellent GCE A Level results.
Click here to see the list of university destinations of our graduates who applied through the UCAS 2022 application cycle.

University Placements 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 graduates on their excellent GCE A Level results.
Click here to see the list of university destinations of our graduates who applied through the UCAS 2020 application cycle.

University Placements 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 graduates on their excellent GCE A Level results.
Click here to see the list of university destinations of our graduates who applied through the UCAS 2019 application cycle.

University Placements 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 graduates on their excellent GCE A Level results.
Click here to see the list of university destinations of our graduates who applied through the UCAS 2018 application cycle.

University Placements 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 graduates on their excellent GCE A Level results.
Click here to see the list of university destinations of our graduates who applied through the UCAS 2017 application cycle.

Message from Deputy Headmistress

Good evening and welcome to our school’s Graduation Ceremony, a ceremony which allows us to celebrate the achievements of a very special cohort, GSL 2023!   

Allow me first to focus on these achievements in what has proved to be a very productive year. Once again, our graduates have excelled in their university applications. Beginning with the US and Canada, it has been a phenomenal year with graduates receiving scholarships worth around one and a half million dollars over the duration of 4 years!

Andreas Savva has been accepted to study Engineering at Harvard University with a scholarship of $77,000 per year. Andreas will also be playing for the Harvard Men’s Soccer team. Eleni Iacovou received a scholarship worth over $73,000 per annum to study at NYU (Abu Dhabi Campus). Sophia Spyrou will continue her studies at Smith College, Massachusetts with a $63,000 scholarship. Eleni Orphanidou has been accepted to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto with a prestigious International Scholar Award of 48,000 Canadian dollars. Olga Neophytou has received an International Major Entrance Scholarship and Outstanding International Student Award from the University of British Columbia – Vancouver Campus worth a total of 100,000 Canadian dollars. Stephanos Christodoulakis has been awarded a scholarship of $44,000 by Colorado Mesa University and will be playing for their soccer team and Ioannis Aristodemou, a 2022 graduate, has been awarded $47,000 for the College of Wooster and will also be playing soccer for the university. Other prestigious placements include Eleni Pitsillidou at the University of California, San Diego, for Mechanical Engineering, Amjad Rehawi at Santa Clara University for Computer Science and Engineering and Chara Pantelides for Psychology at the University of Toronto. 

Continuing with offers for Medicine and Vet Science globally: Eleni Loizou for Medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical School in the UK, Michalis Zannetos, a 2022 graduate, at Groningen University in The Netherlands, Irene Michael at Pecs University in Hungary, and Alexandros Georgiou at the Medical University of Warsaw in Poland and we are still waiting on more acceptances in a range of countries. Alexandra Hadjistavri has been admitted to the University of Vet Sciences Brno in the Czech Republic to study Vet Medicine. These offers are extremely competitive as the admissions process is so demanding, with additional admissions tests and interviews. I hope you will join me in warmly congratulating all these students.

It is impossible to name all the students and graduates currently in the army who have attained entry to high-ranking universities around the world because it would simply take too long. However, I would just like to give a special mention to a few of those who have earned offers from very competitive institutions: Andreas Ilarionos, GS 2022, for Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics and Demetra Kiousouki for Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. Alexandros Sergiou has received an offer to study Mathematics at Durham University, Nefeli Jordan for Biomedical Science at the University of Edinburgh and Margarita Koukouma for Economics at the University of Bristol. Zhongming Chen and Eleni Gregoriadou are offer holders at the University of Bath for Architecture and Pharmacy respectively. We have had some prestigious scholarships from the UK this year, Irene Yiannakoude has been awarded a Warwick Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship worth half her tuition fees annually for Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics, and Economics. Eirinaios Charalambous, GS 2022, received a Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship from Newcastle University worth £6000 per year to study Mathematics, a very impressive achievement as only 15 of these scholarships were offered Europe-wide for Bachelor’s degrees. Tatiana Antoniou has been awarded a Sports Scholarship Award of £1500 plus support services and has been recruited for the University of Newcastle Volleyball team.

Many other students have earned places at Russell Group universities and other prestigious universities in Europe, including our Senior Prefect Stephanie Stylianou who will be attending Erasmus University Rotterdam for the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics programme. Andrea Miltiadous has received an offer for the University of Vienna for Economics and Leni Christou for Philosophy at the Universite de Lille in France. Many students have applied to Ireland and will be receiving their offers at the end of August. As the trend is to apply to more than one country, we will feature our students’ final destinations on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages from the end of August. Rounding off with graduate news, it was exciting to hear that Maria Foka (GS 2019) has been offered a place at both Oxford and Cambridge for her PGCE in English and Neofytos Chimonides (GS 2017) has received one of only 2 highly-competitive full scholarships for an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London.

Once again it has been a very busy year with many excellent events and activities and these owe much of their success to the talent and dedication of many students here this evening, along with the teachers in charge.

Many of our students continue to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award programme and impressively, Christos Kyriacou will be receiving his Gold Award this evening.  This is the highest DoE Award and reflects Christos’ immense dedication to self-development. He was described by his award leader as being unfazed by the challenges of expeditions and distinguished himself for his maturity, team spirit and ability to motivate. Efstathios Panagiotou will receive his Silver Award and is already working towards the Gold.

A team of our students entered the First Tech Challenge 2023 and won the Innovate Award which celebrates a team’s ingenuity, creativity and inventiveness to make their designs come to life. The graduating students who participated in this, showing their commitment and perseverance, were Amjad Rehawi, Efstathios Panagiotou, Tatiana Antoniou and Costis Ioannou.

This year’s Cultural Evening entitled The Diamond Edition to celebrate 60 Years of the Grammar School was held in December and involved over 150 students as well as 50 previous Grammar School graduates who also performed a variety of dances, resulting in a fantastic show. The Talent Show in March was very entertaining and a great experience for all the students who participated both on stage and behind the scenes as stage managers and helpers. The talent of the performers was very impressive and they were introduced by the highly entertaining presenters, who had put a lot of time and effort into their sketches. I think everyone who attended the Greek theatre production will agree the acting was phenomenal and I would like to thank our graduating actresses for their excellent work: Leni Christou, Eleni Iacovou and Maria Melarta.

We would like to say a special thank you to the students and teachers who worked so hard for these events and the parents who offered their limitless support.

The Cooking Club proved to be popular with Class 7 students learning impressive new skills – definitely useful for the future when they leave home! Those skills were also put to good use for charity events where students helped to prepare items for bake-sales for the Social Work Club. Likewise, students from Class 7 were involved in the Grammar School Podcast club, a new and exciting initiative, and it was interesting to listen to their experiences.

Finally, a thank you to all the students who danced and performed in the orchestra at our national celebrations and those who helped to organise a fantastic bbq for Tsiknopempti!

A special thank you to our student president Della Savvidou and our two senior prefects, Nicolas Nicolaou and Stephanie Stylianou, all of whom have worked very hard in their respective roles.

Our comprehensive Yearbook contains details of all our activities such as the Social Work Club’s impressive fundraising activities and special collection for the Earthquake victims, the competitions won by STEM and the Robotics Club students and the students who won Mathematics Olympiads, Euromath and Euroscience awards, the educational trips, Erasmus+ to name just a few. Our students’ numerous sporting successes can also be found there and this includes Andreas Savva who was awarded Best Teenage Soccer Player of the Year in Cyprus. Our talented graduating athletes will be awarded later on, as will our singers, musicians and dancers for their exceptional contribution over the years. A special thank you to all the colleagues who supported and guided students in these events and activities.

Impressively as a Microsoft Showcase School for the 7th consecutive year, this distinction comes as a result of the exceptional effort of our teaching staff and we are very proud of our 87 Microsoft Educators, 84 Microsoft Advanced Educators, 51 educators who have passed the Microsoft Certified Educator exam, 21 Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts, a Microsoft Innovative Expert Fellow, a Minecraft Global Mentor and a Microsoft Innovative Expert Master Trainer. We look forward to continuing our success in this area.

I would like to say a few words to our graduates:

The last few years have been tough but you have shown optimism, resilience and adaptability. I encourage you to develop a growth mindset which is a belief that you can develop your skills and talents through hard work, the right strategies, and guidance from others.  Remember you will face repeated challenges in the future but you will learn from them and become even stronger. And going forward, the skills and positive traits you have acquired at school will help you. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know you this year and I would like to wish you all the best for the future, whether you are starting university or joining the army. Tonight, you join an extensive global network of Grammar School graduates whose achievements are numerous and impressive.

On behalf of myself and the Headmasters, I would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our activities and work this year and for going that extra mile to ensure success.  The Board of Directors for their trust and support, the Heads of Departments, all the teachers, the administration staff for their invaluable assistance and the support personnel for maintaining a clean and safe environment for all of us.  I would also like to thank the Parents and Graduates Associations for their precious contribution and support.

I hope you all enjoy this special ceremony tonight. Thank you.


How can students learn more about different careers and applying to university?

All Grammar School students and parents have access to Unifrog, a leading user-friendly platform that helps students make the best choices and submit the strongest applications. Unifrog provides information on universities around the world as well as extensive careers information. In addition, The Grammar School has a dedicated, well-connected and experienced Higher Education Advisory Team who organise university and careers presentations. The Team work closely with students during Class 3 when students take part in the Buzz activity to raise their self-awareness of which professions they might be suited to. Through a series of presentations and small group meetings Class 3 and Class 5 students are given the opportunity to discuss their elective choices. To add to this, an online calendar has been set up for students in order to enable them to sign up to virtual events hosted by universities globally. Finally students have access to application information per country in a UniPrep group on Microsoft Teams.

How are parents and guardians informed about university applications?

The Higher Education Advisory Team has a dedicated Facebook group exclusively for Parents and Guardians where they post a wealth of information and events in order to ensure that parents remain updated and informed. Presentations are arranged for parents when universities visit Cyprus.

Does The Grammar School provide assistance for students applying to university?

The Higher Education Advisory Team provides detailed guidance and support for students throughout the application process. They have extensive experience of different application systems used for a range of countries including UCAS for the UK, the Common Application for the US, Studielink for The Netherlands and the CAO for Ireland. They work closely with students to ensure that applications are both competitive and punctual.

Does The Grammar School provide help with interview preparation for competitive courses?

The Higher Education Advisory Team ensures that interview preparation is tailored to meet the needs of the students and the courses they are applying for. Our team includes a lay examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons, who has developed relevant knowledge of role play, the required communication skills for the medical profession and general interview best practice. Where subject expertise is required, the relevant teachers participate. Annual success is achieved in competitive placements such as Medicine and Vet Science.

Does The Grammar School provide university application assistance to students serving in the military?

All Grammar School students are provided with full assistance with their university applications irrespective of whether they are at school or completing their military service.

Where do Grammar School graduates apply?

Our graduates apply to university destinations in a range of countries including the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and throughout Europe. Popular universities include those in the Russell Group and the League of European Research Universities (LERU).

Is guidance given on attaining scholarships?

Students are assisted in their scholarship applications with a special emphasis on Sports Scholarships in the USA. For Academic Scholarships, detailed advice and essay reviews are conducted to ensure students send competitive applications. Recommendations are also prepared with great care to assist students in attaining their goals.