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By February 24, 2023Erasmus

Purpose and objectives of the project

D-MANeD project aims to address the needs of primary and secondary (high school) teachers and educators working with minorities, students with fewer opportunities youth and rural youth in creating innovative approaches that are more inclusive, using digital environments, and dealing with emotional understanding. Thus, the project supports participants to deliver high quality teaching that deals with the complexity of the learners by focusing their approaches on inclusion, improving attainment and continuing education as well as empowering learners.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Develop more flexible methods for involving students in actively learning the curricula during the class hours, and test the most relevant ones throughout the lifetime of this project and measure the commitment to finish all education cycles. (NLP, mindfulness, e-learning).
  • Share innovative techniques for teaching and measuring impact of teaching to boost the ability of students to learn and participate in the process, supported by e-learning, that are applied and tested by the teachers in classrooms/ online. By the end of the project those techniques would be filtered and adapted to the realities of the participating countries (dance, music, theatre, arts, digital art, digital environments).
  • Create methods for blending learning environments with practical, hands-on activities that are transferred to the teachers during a Training Course, and applied in the classroom by those. Those will be shared during Training Courses and integrated in the teachers activity through practical assignments (movement, music, art, e-learning,
  • Design methods for psycho-emotional balance, that can be used/applied by both teachers and students, for improved focus, decision making, clarity, health and wellbeing, in/outside.

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